About Us

Cabal is a South African company based in Cape Town, started by two Mother City natives.

We were founded by riders, for riders. Our two founders Jon and Andrew have been riding for as long as they can remember and bikes are in their blood. They founded the company fuelled by the belief that customers deserve better value and that big brand bikes have become generics, with little consideration put into the individual rider.

Where most big brands put focus into making the models unique, we strive to make the whole ride unique, fitting the bike around the rider, rather than the rider around the bike.

Ironically, we use open mould designs, which are generics in themselves, although we focus on delivering the highest quality materials and safety ratings, research into our geometries, custom specced stem length and bar widths, the choice of custom paint and a bike fitting service, included in the price of the bike, which all bring more overall focus onto the rider and consequently offers high performance.

We believe riders need this personalisation, not as an afterthought, but as part of the purchase, because every bike is an extension of the rider and in the same way, it should be as unique as the rider. When you ride a Cabal, you choose to go your own way.

All our bikes are hand assembled in Cape Town, shipped direct to your door.

Cabal is a division of NGGT (Pty) Ltd.
Visser Ave
Cape Town
South Africa