About Us

Cabal is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We were founded by riders, for riders. We've been riding for as long as we can remember and bikes are in our blood. 

We make technologically advanced, high performance road bikes that focus on quality of ride and putting the rider first. That means helping people feel comfortable on their bikes and enabling them to be the best athletes they can be while riding them. There are comfort and performance gains to enjoy if a rider is able to customise a bike to their riding style and physiology. It's why we offer a complimentary sizing and bike fitting with a bike fit technician – in certain major cities – and allow the rider to specify their stem length and bar width when they order. For a bike to feel amazing, it needs to undergo a level of customisation and fit. We give you that, off-the-shelf. 

We believe in getting you the best possible bike for your money and we work with the highest quality industry partners around the world to provide parts for our bikes. Direct from the source, to you. 

All our bikes are assembled in and shipped from Cape Town, direct to your door. 

If you live for the love of the ride, come and join us. 

Cabal is a division of NGGT (Pty) Ltd.
Visser Ave
Cape Town
South Africa